Port Reservation UX Enhancements

I'd like to request an addition to the Reservations / Port Forwarding feature, after after daily use of an Eero network for over a year.

On our Eero network I use a Macbook, and I'm commonly switching from a wired connection to wifi and back. When I move between network types, my IP address changes, which invalidates the Port Forwards I'm currently using.

I'd like to be able to assign the same Port Forward rule to two or more IP addresses simultaneously, but only allow one of the addresses to be active at any given time.

The current interface *almost* allows this... the addition of the Port Forward toggle switch to enable or disable the rule is great. However, despite this new addition, you still cannot enter the same port number into more than one rule - even if all other rules are disabled.

Currently, I have to delete the rule currently being used, and create a new one... every single time I switch networks. Super inconvenient.

If this is not something that can be implemented... then how about Port Triggering, instead?


Thanks for listening! 

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