Which eero product(s) for my layout?

I am looking to purchase and install eero for my home. It is larger (2000sqft per floor, 4000sqft total) with a main floor and basement + a 1400sqft garage. I am looking at the following layout (attached) . I would be able to use wired backhaul at each proposed location.

I am looking for product recommendations as well as placement. We currently have 500Mbps service but our ISP offers up to 1Gbps via cable and 5Gbps via fiber. We currently only have cable service to our home but could upgrade if desired and probably will in the future. We will probably have roughly 50 devices. The heaviest usage would be 4K streaming and MS Teams video calls.

I have read in other numerous forums that there is such as thing as too many eeros:

Yes, too many eeros can cause issues. If you have too many eeros set up, they can compete with each other and disrupt your Wi-Fi signal, which can cause slowdowns and decreased performance.

Yes, you can. Over saturation of Wi-Fi signals can Jane a negative impact on reliability / stability.


So, I'm looking for feedback. In my layouts I have labeled the usage of the Pro 6, but I am wondering 2 things:

  1. Would 4 be overkill and cause issues in the space I have?

  2. Would I be just as well served with the 6+ ?

Note: The proposed location for the gateway is the only place have access to two CAT6 runs - meaning it is the only place I can get the gateway's wifi out of the utility room (where I expect a LOT of interference).

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  • Hi maverick Since you are able to hardwire the individual eero I would go with the eero 6+, they have less range that the Pro series so you are less likely to run into eero interfering with each other due to proximity.

    You are right to be wary of having too many eero, if they are too close they can cause devices to not roam right, intermittent connection issues, higher latency and lower speeds overall.  We, in general, like to see about 30 to 50 feet between eero.  This is highly dependent on the environment so take this as a general guideline and not a hard rule.  Experimentation is the key.

    Personally I would start with three eero 6+ and see how that goes and add a fourth if you need it, from the numbers 3 should cover your space but looking at the layout that fourth one might be necessary for the Garage area.

    Your intended topology looks spot on, so do that and the proposed placement look good, give it a whirl but don't be afraid to experiment with placement to find the just right spot for each one.

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      Michael_eero_support Thanks so much for the thorough response, Michael. I was dead set on a Pro 6 3-pack to get up and running but I feel good about going with the 6+ 3-pack now. 

      One final question - I would like to introduce a Ring Alarm Pro into my home and I understand that this has the regular eero 6 integrated. I also understand a recent update allows the eero 6 in the RAP to function as a leaf node rather than gateway. I would likely position this in the upstairs living room per my proposed layout and move the third 6+ to the garage.

      Do you see any issues with this as far as impact to network performance?

    • maverick The eero will all work together.  However adding a Ring Alarm Pro might negatively impact performance a bit.  The eero 6+ can use 160 mhz bandwidth on the 5ghz radio band, the Ring Alarm Pro can only use a maximum of 80 mhz bandwidth, adding that RAP to the network will limit all eero to the 80 mhz bandwidth.

      If you are going to add an RAP go for the cheaper eero 6.

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      Michael_eero_support Thanks Michael, appreciate your patience as I learn. 

      I am likely misunderstanding due to my lack of knowledge surrounding the wireless spectrum, but if the eero 6 in the RAP is a leaf node utilizing wired backhaul, why would it limit the bandwidth of other eeros utilizing wired backhaul? Are these nodes still communicating with each other wirelessly or is it simply due to interference in the channel for traffic en route to devices?

    • maverick When you have multiple eero on a network, even if they are all hardwired together, they still talk to each other wirelessly, that way they can get data to each other and to devices via wireless if the ethernet isn't working for some reason.

      So, all eero will talk on the same bandwidth, the speed of the slowest eero.  Before these new eero, the 6+ and Pro 6E, it wasn't a big deal, all eero did 80 mhz on the 5ghz band.

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