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Hello, since Eero now as the security features I am now looking to buy the new Eero Pro but would like to wire them together so I don't have to worry about any degradation between the devices. I know they have the 5Ghz backhaul which is fine but I already have the wiring in place for the wired connections, this is why I would like to use that. Does Eero Pro support it? Thank you

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  • Hi  ccigas -

    Thanks for your interest in eero plus and for reaching out! Most definitely. You can always wire any and all eeros into your network except for Beacons (which don't have Ethernet ports).

    This will work just fine with the Pro pack (three gen2 eeros). Let us know if there's anything we can help with. 

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  • Thanks Scott! Not sure when the Eero Pros will be out to buy (if you could answer that, it would be awesome), but if I purchased the Gen1 version right now, could I use that with the new Plus service? Is there any downside between Gen 1 and 2 with this service? 

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  • Hey  ccigas

    Yep! eero Plus will work with both first and second generation eeros!

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  • Jeff C. thanks !  Since I would be hooking up the Eeros with wires, is there really a downside of not having the second 5Ghz band? Or should I buy the Pro and wait the few extra weeks. 

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  • Really depends on your home and the number of devices you have connected. With tri-band, you will have an extra 5 Ghz band, meaning if you have many devices trying to communicate with eero at once, the extra band will help reduce any potential congestion.

    If you'd like the latest and greatest, you can definitely wait for the Pro Pack. Buying 2nd generation eeros will also mean you will have Thread support, which will be providing upcoming support for low-powered Thread devices.

    I hope this helps!

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      • cotedan87
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      • cotedan87
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      Jeff C. Have 4 wired eeros. About 50+ devices connected at any given time (e.g. 19 LIFX bulbs etc).  While I find the LIFX bulbs sometimes disconnect (likely because they can't navigate channel switching?), everything else is great. About 10-15 devices connected per eero that are distributed through the house. 

      With about 5-8 devices on 5 ghz, I assume most stay on the single band. 

      Overall eero is really good. Provides strong signals to all corners of the house. Happy camper here.

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  • Jeff C. Great! thanks for the help, Ill go with the pro then since I have a lot of smart devices now like LIFX and other smart home stuff. Hopefully shipping will be less than 4 weeks like it said, really need to upgrade. 

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  • Hi - I just bought a new Eero Pro package with 3 eero's. I also have ethernet connections available in the house and I want to hardwire them. What I would like to know is that do we connect main eero unit to our cable modem and then connect rest of the units to the main unit?

    or do I need to place a switch coming out of the modem and then connect all 3 eero units to  the cable model through the switch? 

    I hope I am making sense here. Basically I need help with how to connect all 3 devices together (hard wired). Thanks in advance! 

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    • Gladius —

      Thanks for your question! You should connect your gateway eero to your cable modem, and then hardwire your other two eeros to your gateway eero (or to one another - whatever fits your home). 

      If you are using a switch, be sure to connect that directly to your gateway eero. Otherwise, any devices connected to it won’t be able to be seen on your eero network.

      Hope this helps!

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  • Thank you Jeff C.

    Now I understand, so your option 1 is Modem -> eero 1 (gateway/ main) -> switch -> eero 2 & eero 3 (from switch)

    option 2 you mentioned is Modem -> eero 1 (gateway/ main) -> eero 2 -> eero 3 (no switch/ eero's connected to each other).

    Is one option better than other? What do you guys recommend? Thanks for your help.

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    • Gladius —

      Your choice 😀 Both will provide the same results as the entire network will use Ethernet as the backhaul. Just depends on how your home is set for Ethernet wiring!

      Just as an FYI — If you will have more wired devices at the gateway eero, you will need a switch as one Ethernet port is required for the connection to the modem.

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  • Thank you Jeff C.

    Got it! Can't wait to set it all up over this week-end. 

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  • How many eero pro can I add to the network? Would that add that much bandwidth? Would it make speed faster when I’m connected WiFi. I have gigabit internet from Comcast. When I connect my laptop hardwired to gateway I get +/- 1000mbps.  When I connect to WiFi, wether going to Ookla, xfinity or other Speedtest, I consistently get 200-250 mbps.. sometime if lucky I get 300-400.

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