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This seems so obvious (ability to see how much data send/receive each device has used recently (past day? week? month?) but I can't find this feature.  Why? when debugging devices it is helpful, and when watching devices (Mac, Tesla) to see if they received a big update yet, etc.    I would even buy Eero Plus if it had this feature.  

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  • This is the number one feature request I have and have had since I bought Eero. I wish I could track my monthly usage to see if what Comcast is reporting is an accurate picture. Also, this feature would allow me to see what device was using the most data over a span of time.

  • I am seriously considering returning my eero pros because of lacking this feature. With a data cap ISP and numerous streaming, pcs, and consoles on my network I would like to have better visibility into what is hogging my network data usage and have usage controls on the devices.

  • Sad to see the app fully redesigned and this is still missing. Arris does this much better.

    • Coliver The app is not really related to this feature.... it's the actual firmware and device software that would count this data.

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      • Coliver
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      txgunlover indeed. The firmware needs to be capable of keeping track of usage, also the Eero backend servers, but the app has to be able to provide the front end for the reporting and functionality. 
      I’m sure Eero is more than capable to deliver this. It’s a matter of prioritizing it and properly allocating the resources. 

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