Eero Plus - View Devices/Sites that Triggered "Threat"

I love eero Plus and the fact that it is protecting our network. What would be nice is under the Activity log where it shows Threat Blocks for Botnet, Malware, Phising, Spyware (and ditto for Content Filters), it would be nice to be able to click on what was blocked and see the following:

- Device that was the source of the block (Was it my TV, my laptop or my iPhone)
- Site that was visited 
- What the threat was that was blocked, if it's a known threat

Obviously there are privacy concerns so you should be able to toggle the above feature on or off. 

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  • Just signed up to add my voice to this request.

  • I bailed on Eero+ for this reason. I talked to support multiple times. It’s been requested basically since Eero has been around and they’re not going to add this feature. I bought myself a Firewalla device and was like YES!! THIS is what I’ve been wanting from Eero. I still love the Eero devices, but the Eero paid protection feature is peanuts compared to Firewalla. Eero+Firewalla is a great combination. 

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    • 01000001ron Thank you so much -- I'll check out Firewalla!

  • Agree with OP. There’s no chance I’m paying for something that doesn’t give me more context into why something was malicious.

    1 day left on my trial and these gems pop up out of no where…

  • 3 years old and still no movement on this from eero? I'm likely to dump eero+ for Firewalla now.

      • txgunlover
      • txgunlover
      • 12 days ago
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      markomni Love my Gold with eero 6 pros.

    • markomni I did the same last year and it was a great decision. Bailing on Eero+ and getting a Firewalla Blue has been amazing. Firewalla keeps getting better too.

  • Details please!  We know you have them.  I just got the erro pro 6 and have the 30 day security trial.  I will not purchase it because I don't know what exactly is being blocked.  Only listing categories is too veague for me. For all I know it's fake.

      • txgunlover
      • txgunlover
      • 11 days ago
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      big10spartan In order to know details, it means that those details would be available and stored.  Eero chooses privacy over visibility for their customers.  If you want more visibility, try a Firewalla Gold.

    • txgunlover thanks, I actually saw the comment about Firewalla after my post.  Looks pretty neat, I might be getting one.

  • Adding my vote.

    ”Trust us, we know what we’re doing” can only be stretched so far. Let’s be able to see what’s happening on our networks. Pretty-please?

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