Eero Plus - View Devices/Sites that Triggered "Threat"

I love eero Plus and the fact that it is protecting our network. What would be nice is under the Activity log where it shows Threat Blocks for Botnet, Malware, Phising, Spyware (and ditto for Content Filters), it would be nice to be able to click on what was blocked and see the following:

- Device that was the source of the block (Was it my TV, my laptop or my iPhone)
- Site that was visited 
- What the threat was that was blocked, if it's a known threat

Obviously there are privacy concerns so you should be able to toggle the above feature on or off. 

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  • Please pass this to Product team:

    Right now with large groups of the population working from home, products like Eero are immensely valuable to ensure we have good connection everywhere in our homes and are protected from threats while doing our jobs.

    As of right now the graphs in the "Threat Blocks" feature are useful as a demo and proof of concept that Eero may secure the network, but without being able to drill down and get details about what was actually blocked in many cases we would not know if these are false positives, or if Eero may be scanning and misinterpreting sensitive company bound traffic. 

    Despite many of us who may have a strong desire to do so, it's very hard to justify paying for this service without a drill-down feature.

    I strongly recommend this feature be given high priority as it is likely to bring an uptick in revenue, and will delight your customers (90 of them that have found this thread in the last year), Lastly, it will alleviate concerns from several here that Eero's Advanced Security is not just a scam targeting less savvy residential market customers, but actually is worth the money.

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      Echoing the sentiments said here. filmjbrandon explains this perfectly.


      The only thing I'll add is: I want to know if this is malware that's on the network and trying to beacon out from the device indicated, or attempts by malware to access the network, along with the name and signature.

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  • Would really like to see this implemented as I otherwise fail to see the value the Eero Secure premium service provides. How can we know that the data isn't fake? No anti virus/anti malware triggers at all, i.e. Windows Defender ATP etc, some superb paid services, yet, Eero says my device is spewing malware and spyware.

    Like, c'mon, we're not stupid, we just want some insight here. What if something was actually wrong. The second we leave our network, these pieces of malicious software are free to live on our devices!

    Since I see related feature requests, and even this one, have been open for years without any acknowledgement from the Eero team, how about you meet us halfway? Let us know what is considered "malware" or "spyware?" 


    • Connections to websites associated with known malicious software (virusTotal stats, Indicators of compromise data?) DNS/IP data


    • In my humble opinion, is Eero just mirroring Ad blocking data here? I too would consider ads a means of tracking our website browsing habits. 
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  • Everyone here needs to vote because this isn’t showing up as a high enough priority in the list of features to consider. It currently has 2 votes despite all the commentary.  

    My subscriptions runs out in a few days and at least one day over the holiday break I got a “zscaler” notice when attempting to go to Apple’s developer website. Looking at the security events logs it showed an abundance of botnet and malware events initiating from the laptop I was using. 

    After doing some online research about zscaler and finding out this is part of what Eero uses for its security filtering, I restarted the network. Since that time far fewer events have been recorded but the old events remain. 

    I intend to turn it off all day today, because as of right now I think it’s either mostly false positives and I do not see any benefit. 

    until this feature is implemented I am not intending to give further money to Eero, even with the 30% discount they are offering. 

    Eero/Amazon please take this request seriously. The other planned features/priorities will not have nearly the impact to your bottom line as users such as me who will not pay subscription fees without this. 

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  • This definitely needs to be implemented.  I have helped neighbors setup eero, and they have asked me if there is a way to see the blocked websites their children tried to visit.

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  • Just got off the phone with support, and this is still a huge, glaring problem!! Why aren’t you guys fixing this? I’m a software engineer and I know how trivial it would be to link to some log details. It’s completely useless without more information, I would argue it’s even worse because now I think there’s threats and I don’t know what they are. I’d rather not even know. Please, the product is amazing, just implement this simple feature request and make everyone happy ;)

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  • How is this STILL NOT POSSIBLE? Seeing a significant uptick in spyware blocks (while thankful they were blocked) directly correlates to increases in my anxiety and leaves me with SO many unanswered questions. 

    1) why the uptick?

    2) did I visit some nefarious site that day that labeled me a sucker?

    3) Simply random bad luck? 
    4) How many attempts did Eero not catch before the caught these?

    5) do I have spyware on my device? 
    6) are there things I should be doing Or not doing when outside my network and eero’s protection? 
    7) who/what were the actions/where did they originate/ what is it about these that convinces eero it was spyware? 

    from 0 to 77 on one day freaks me out and seems almost better not knowing when there is so little additional details provided. 

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  • How can I vote 10000000x 

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  • I mean, ditto to all of this. Seriously...

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  • Just bought my eero today.

    i would love to be able to see what is triggering the “spyware” as I am reloading my laptop to factory and it triggered an alert as it was completing the reload 

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  • Just replaced my old router with a 3 unit eero system. Wifi is great so far, and I'm giving eero secure a try during the free 30 day trial. I can probably do without knowing specifically what ads or spyware are being blocked, it's displaying one of my devices being blocked for malware. That's a serious claim that should provide additional detail. Unless that's added, I don't see paying for a subscription.

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  • It's really quite ridiculous to offer people the suggestion that Eero is blocking me from some unknown enemy and I am completely helpless to detect and defend against these "threats". Please give us some amount of context behind these numbers.

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  • yup, I signed up for eero via my ISP and I can see one of my kids triggered "adult content" ... was that an ad on a game site or full blown porn..... sure would like to know.  This is just silly.  

  • Another registration just for this issue.  Recently got Eeros replacing an old openWRT router to cover a new, larger house.

    I got auto-opted in to the free trial, and my Linux/NixOS desktop is suddenly getting >1k spyware threats and ~500 "phishing and deception threats"/day, which seems like utter nonsense, and an iPhone in the household is seeing roughly a tenth as many.  I'm assuming these are all false positives, because I honestly have no idea how I could be getting hundreds of phishing attempts/day.

    There's no way I'm paying for this scareware.  I can't find any way to end the free trial, so if I start getting billed at the end of it, I will demand a refund and file an Amazon review and BBB complaint.

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  • I’m amazed this hasn’t been addressed. Really wish I could figure out which device cause issues. The only fix I can think of is just grouping devices alone in their own profiles. Seems kind of crazy to do that though...

  • Got a new computer and suddenly thousands of malware/spyware blocks.. In a panic I scanned my server with everything I could find and it was completely clean.. this DEFINITELY needs details!

  • Absolutely necessary in my opinion. Enjoy everything being in the app but it's rather useless so far. Currently on trial and will not be purchasing when it runs out and am seeking out alternatives.

  • I agree with everyone.  I actually came to see if there was any talk about not being able to view network activity / usage from the week or months unless you subscribe to the security subscriptions.  I don't understand how that data is something I need to pay to see anything besides the current week.  Am I the only one that is frustrated by this??
    I am in I.T. and work with small businesses and can't recommend this product because of this and the reasons above.  It's hard coming from all other routers factory firmware and special firmware such DD-WRT, where all information is provided to this router where there is none.  

    The wireless does perform good and I like the product in every way besides these things.

    And how is my Network Usage a Security feature?!

    Good Times!

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