HomeKit Compatibility

If we can designate certain devices, when they all leave the network, triggers a "nobody's at home" signal to Apple HomeKit (as well as the Google Home/Alexa equivalent), that'd be really useful. It would obviously work in the opposite way as well, triggering a "there's somebody home" signal. Geofencing through HomeKit can sometimes be unreliable (especially in a high-rise building for instance), but a connection to my private network is an unmistakeable signal.

That can be useful to trigger events like locking all the doors/enabling security cameras, turning off lights, etc. 

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  • that could be pretty useful actually. The presence sensor on my other "smart" home app is not very accurate.

    Something at the router level has the potential of being more reliable

  • Any response to this from Eero?

  • Thanks for your patience, Jhaybie! As of today, eero now fully supports HomeKit integration. Please make sure your app is updated to version 3.3.1 to use the new feature. You'll need to be at home on your eero WiFi in order to add HomeKit devices. If you run into any questions or concerns, please reach out to support at 877-659-2347 or email support@eero.com

    Drew, eero Community Team

    • Drew 

      why not include HomeKit integration instructions here?

    • Drew ETA for homekit for Pro 6's?

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  • I know that HomeKit integration is live, but the topic of this request explicitly asks for integration to trigger a "nobody's at home" signal to the Apple Home Hub. Is that part of the feature request completed?

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  • I don't believe the homekit integration is live for the Pro 6's yet?

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  • Really hope that Homekit integration for the Eero 6 is coming soon. Just purchased today.

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  • Not implemented on eero 6 Pro. 

    • As if 01-March, the statement on EERO PRO 6 remains “Waiting on Apple to certify”...

  • Apparently new Eero devices will not integrate with HomeKit, so if I want this function is it worth buying an old Eero router... or do you think something similar will be able to be implemented when Matter is more established?

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  • Not sure why the Eero Pro 6E doesn't support / allow connectivity with Apple's HomeKit when other Eero models do.  While Eero and Apple have overlap in the smart home arena, there are legitimate reasons to go with best of breed and have interoperability between the two product families....after all isn't that what Thread and Matter is supposed to bring?   

    Please consider this as a formal request to the engineering team to reconsider the lack of support for the newer models such as the Eero Pro 6E.


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