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Hey Guys,

First off I want to say I just love the eero and they are providing overall good service in my home.  I like the new streamlined interface that makes it easier to see in a quick snapshot the speed of my network, along with active devices so good just on fine tuning!

Back in a blog post from November 2016, you talked about upgrading your mesh network for fast speeds and some cool new features that would be coming in the app.  For me one of the most exciting features was going to be bandwidth usage by device.  You even included a cool iOS image of what it might look like.  What happened to this feature?  Can we expect it anytime soon?  To me this was the entry point into an even bigger request, which I've posted about already in the community which is QoS

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    • Jeff_C
    • 6 yrs ago
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    Hey  Skeeter

    Thanks for checking in! We still plan to roll out this feature in an upcoming release. Our team has been hard at work on these improvements, making sure that all the data provided is accurate and meets our standard of quality that we hold for all of our products and features.

    Since data is so critical to understanding the behavior and performance of your network, we'd be reluctant to release something just to release it without going through extensive testing. Thanks for your patience. We hope you'll be excited with the final product! Stay tuned.

    • Skeeter
    • 6 yrs ago
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    Excellent news Jeff! Thanks for the update and you and the team keep up the good work!

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