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I think I understood that guest access could be controlled.   I'm a month onto eero (loving it) and last night enabled Guest Access & put a retired android phone online.  I thought I understood that eero has controls (say for a renter) to setup a time window (say Saturday noon to following Saturday noon) to be online as a guest. 

Secondly... pretty sure Guest gets internet only and cannot run Roku, AppleTV, Sonos, or printer on the main network

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  • You have to create a Family Profile for the devices you want to control. You can schedule “pauses”. The problem with how profiles work (and this currently my real only, but big, frustration with eero) is that you have to manually add the device to the family profile. You can’t create a family profile and set it to automatically apply to all unknown/new devices. So for your renters situation, you would have to know what each of their devices are. And if they bring a new device onto your network, you’d have to manually add that to the specific profile for it be controlled.

    To answer your 2nd question, yes, the guest network devices are isolated and can only access the internet. Nothing else.

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      • PMSyPly
      • PMSyPly
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      So I created a profile "Guest" and added my old smartphone.  I see that I can shut down the access daily at a time of my choice, but its certainly not what I understood it to be.  I was trained by eero's Jeff Miller on March 1st.... Jeff if you're out there can you clarify Guest access controls?

      If this is what Guest controls is I'd request that it be implemented in hours or days for that guest to have their guest access.

      Hoping there's others visiting here who can benefit :)

      Thx cMoo92 !

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    • PMSyPly are you saying you misunderstood guest access to mean you could put time limits on, like after 2 hrs of usage it would shut down their access?

      If you’re wanting a guest to just have access on Friday and Saturday only, then you’d just set a schedule to pause from Sunday at 12am till Friday at 12am.

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      • PMSyPly
      • PMSyPly
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      At my 3/1/18 Training with Jeff Miller of eero said a client could be assigned a week-long access, at the end of which access would end.  Possibly misunderstood ... that this is a new feature coming soon, but I clearly heard that there was a start and end to access....

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    • PMSyPly I’m not an eero employee and I have no “insider knowledge”, but this the first I’ve heard of such a feature. Not saying you heard wrong, just saying I have no clue about it :) maybe Jeff C. can clarify.

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    • Hiya —

      Sorry for any confusion or misunderstanding in how the guest network works. With the Guest Network, you have the ability to enable/disable it at any time via the eero app, however, there isn't a scheduling function for turning it on and off.

      I'm happy to share this feedback with our team. 



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    • Jeff C. 


      YES YES YES!!!   The issue is the children figure out how to get "friends" to come over and because I don't know the IP initially, they can access the guest internet at will late at night and watch who knows what.    I do not want to share my internet with anyone at night time and I do not want to have to remember to turn it off each night!!

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  • I'm seeing this in the app now.  Plain & simple; looks like one pause allowed per day minimum 1minute min to 23hrs59min max.  Kids, are you hearing me now?

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