Community roles

While using the eero community, you will engage with a variety of different people. Here's a quick overview our community roles.

eero employee

This is pretty straight-forward, but this group is made up of eero employees. They range from people in product, marketing, engineering and various other departments. Our employees are excited to hear what you have to say about eero, and chat about how we can continue to improve the product for your benefit.

eero support

Among our eero employees, we have support agents. We've labeled these folks differently because these team members are focused on helping you with any issues you experience. These are the same agents who help you over the phone or email, and they'll be happy to help you via those methods as well! Feel free to email support at support@eero.com or 877-659-2347.


Now for the real VIPs! Heeros are eero customers we've identified as expert users within the community. They are super engaged and love eero as much as we do, and they'll be happy to chime in and help others wherever they can. Comments and suggestions from heeros are not necessarily official responses from eero, but we trust that these individuals really know their stuff about our product!

If you're interested in becoming a heero, please join the community, and then email us at community@eero.com.


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