Signal Strength Between Units

Idea for the app, I recently had an issue where one of my four units had signal issues.  Your tech support helped out and replaced the one bad unit.  All is better now.  In the conversation with support, they ran a LAN test.  It would be nice to have this option through the app as well as showing the signal strength of each unit in order to maximize the system.

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  • Hi  Andrew —

    Thanks for your feedback and welcome to the eero community! I'm sorry to hear about the issue you encountered with your system. However, I am happy to hear we were able to get everything resolved!

    I have also moved this topic over to our Feedback & discussion section so that others can provide their feedback and/or interest in this topic.

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  • The status of this request says 'implemented', but I don't see where within the app I can view the signal strength of each Eero other than the icon next to each device indicating the signal strength for whichever Eero it is currently connected to. Also, what do the different colors mean? I assume green means good and amber means slow. Is there a 3rd color I have yet to see (e.g., red)?

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    • rlopin  Thanks for writing in! You can find all the information here:


      Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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      • rayburnc
      • rayburnc
      • 1 yr ago
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      Jeff C. since the gateway eero is the primary eero as described in the link you shared, if I have a setup that has multiple Gen 1 eeros and 1 Gen 2 with 2 beacons, should the Gen 2 eero be connected at the gateway or in the most used part of the house?  In my set up the gateway is not the most central location. I would like to maximize the usage of the 3 radios on he Gen 2. 

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    • rayburnc  We recommend having your Gen 2 eero in the place where you use your devices the most frequently. 

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