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Wi-FI, Bluetooth, EMF is a big health concern... at least for some. Especially those who have compromised health conditions. Can you please implement a way to shut down the eero system at night (or anytime of day when not needed)?  I would like my home to be Wi-Fi free at night when sleeping and the only way that I know to do it now is to go and physically unplug the boxes which is really inconvenient. Thanks.

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  • You can always buy a power plug with a timer.  Very common with lights.

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  • I would really love to be able to shut down wifi at night time without having to unplug.

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  • Note:  Shutting off your own wifi (ie, eero devices) at night is only 1/2 the solution.  You still have the issue of all the other Wifi devices in your house, or even in your neighbors house that keep broadcasting.  Just scan for different Wifi from your bedroom and see the number of other Wifi networks that are broadcasting.  Shutting down your own eero may not be enough to be "Wifi Free" during your sleep time.

  • I'd like to have such a feature too. Turning of wifi for a scheduled time by software shouldn't be too difficult to integrate. Thank you guys!

    • swissman If wifi was off, how would eero's in the mesh reconnect when wifi was turned back on if their wifi is off?

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      txgunlover  Pretty simple - they just turn on/off by time signal and reconnect as if there was a power loss by a switchable plug. But just without an additional plug because they will do it by their own software since you don't disconnct them from power. (Sorry for my poor english - I'm not an native speaker...). My old system did this every night 23:30 = OFF 6:30= ON and the night was wifi free in my own rooms. That's what I'd like to have back.

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