Guest Network in Bridge Mode and Double NAT

Need to setup a guest network for my in laws when they visit so they do not inadvertently spread malware viruses etc to my network.  I am being told by Eero support that in bridge mode I cannot setup a guest network but it sure seems like I can.  It nots greyed out in my settings.  So, Can I while the Eero is in bridge mode and if so does it still work to separate all of their traffic from ever getting to my main network? If not per Eeros website I could just take it out of bridge mode while they are here to set up the guest network but would be running a double NAT which they say is perfectly fine. I have always read double NAT creates issues ? Is this some how bypassed by Eero ? My setup is Gateway router/modem routing with Eero in bridge mode but wireless turned off on Gateway.  So with only one wireless network live am I even really double NAT and if not why is this setup not talked about more. Thanks 

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    • Michael_eero_support
    • 3 wk ago
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    Hi  The guest network will work just fine, even if the eero is bridged.  The guest network will run its own subnet (192.168.10.x-192.168.12.x by default, it will pick a different range if that range is already taken).  

    • Doublenat_1
    • 2 wk ago
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    Michael thanks for the response.  So with the guest network being on a different subnet there is no possibility for my in-laws actions while on the guest network to get to my devices on my main network ? Also, any idea why 2 separate emails to eero directly they told me in bridge mode guest network does not work even when I said it’s not greyed out and seems to work the one time I toggled it on ? Lastly, anyway to test the guest network is walled off from my main network ? Thanks again.

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