4 Eeros with Powerlines adapters

Only a few days into my Eero system, i have set up 4 Eero 6 pros each with a powerline adapter.

The 2nd Eero connected to the gateway immediately and the Eero app showed it as a wired connection to the gateway with maximum speed available.

However, the 2nd and 3rd Eeros connected immediately but show in the app as wifi.  This isn't reality however as i can see the ethernet traffic flowing through all powerline adapters on my net analyser software.

Its not teally a "problem" just something that annoys me.

Do other users see this?

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    I have the same sort of issue, but as a different cause:  I have a eero that is showing up as "WiFi", even though it has a 2.5G Ethernet backhaul.  It's using the regular AC adapter.  The 2.5G backhaul is wired and tests perfectly fine.  I have no idea why it is doing this.  I wire *everything*.  I think there must be some fault in the detection of the LAN port in the current firmware or something.  The link is there - it's just not the primary connection as detected by the app.

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