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Hi - just moved into a new house and brought my EERO network with me - wireless setup works well so no issues there. However I've built an office in the garden which has a second wired connection to it (different port from the same router) and I cannot get it to work with the newest EERO purchased. I believe this is due to EERO not liking two wired connections which it sees as Gateways - when I try it there is basically a conflict and I end up with either good speeds (wired) in the office outside and rubbish ones indoors or vice versa. Having read through about how to resolve this I think the following switches are needed but am unsure where they fit within the topology - does anyone have a similar set up which they can comment about please? (Thank you)

Complete novice at this but the bit that is confusing me is how to get a connection out to the office so that I can then create a wired connection to PS5, laptop etc. (i.e. can you have multiple wired connections on a single EERO network?)

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    There was a response to this thread (which I now cannot see for some reason) stating I needed to change the setup so that it was router>ethernet switch>eero gateway>eero (outside)

    The issue with this is the lack of ports on the eero itself - for inside I could still the switch (presumably) for any direct wired connections to devices but outside I'd be limited to a single port from the EERO. Could I put another ethernet switch here? (So it would be router>ethernet switch>eero gateway>eero (outside)>2nd ethernet switch)

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