Deleting Offline Devices

Hi there, 

Is it possible to delete out old offline devices from the Eero app?  I have recently restructured my network and removed old wifi extenders and replaced with an additional Eero. 

With having the wifi extenders in use, I would get duplicate devices connected through the app as the device would switch between the Eero and wifi extender. 


Any help appreciated.  I hate having lots off offline devices. 

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  • You can’t manually delete offline devices, but they will automatically fall off the list after a couple days (I’m not sure what the specific amount of time it is).

  • Thanks for the response. 
    I'll keep an eye out. 

  • I noticed one way to do it is to remove the device off of your profile and it disappears after that. 

  • Has anyone figured out how to DELETE offline devices? Also DELETE OnLine Devices, so I can attempt to rename them one by one as they reconnect 

    I have over 60 smart home devices named as they just connected once set up this newest EERO setup. 

    I haven't noticed any offline devices fall off. For example, my Brother watched our house weeks ago. He used wifi on his cell. His cell is still there 

    • Hello Davecampbell1 ,

      Thank you for reaching out to us and welcome to The Community! Devices that are offline for a few weeks should drop off the network, it is strange that a device is still showing in your app as an offline device. You can try soft resetting the eeros but we might need to look into the network and check the back end why this is happening. I would suggest giving our phone support a call so we can look into this for you.


      There is currently is not a way to delete connected or disconnected devices from the logs. When it comes to renaming the devices on your network there are a few ways you can do this.

      1) Turn a device off, locate the device in the offline devices and change the name in the device details in the app then plug the device back in.

      2) Change the password of your network and reconnect devices one by one allowing you to rename the devices as you reconnect them.

      3) Hard reset and rebuild the eero network then add the devices one-by-one, changing their names as you do it. This is also a way to clear out the offline device list as you will be building an entirely new network.

  • Will they add a way to delete devices from EERO? 

    They should, cause if it's a legit device it would or should reconnect to the network again. 

    This would allow renaming & diagnosing what devices they are. For example, someones cell phone who visits then leaves, to a smart switch when there's 15 in house that are all the same Brand & the MAC id's are all similar


    I've tried calling they aren't staffed for service unfortunately, so thank you for that great reply 

    • Hello Davecampbell1 ,

      I personally have no control over what features are implemented, but agree there are a lot of great feature requests that are being constantly offered to us. The best way to push feature requests is to email support@eero.com asking for the features you would like and we will get the request escalated for review and consideration.

  • I had this exact issue with my Daughter's Nintendo Switch which would not connect at all. both mine and My Son's connected fine. 

    In the end I was able to get it sorted by: 

    1) Going on to the Network settings and taking off "IP V6"

    2) On the Device, I reduced the MTU size down to 1200.

    After this it connected straight away. My Eero pods are on v6.6 if that helps anyone.

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