B-Hyve indoor sprinkler timer not working. Router not showing on Spectrum

Well I am hours into trying to connect my B-hyve/Orbitz Sprinkler system. I have done all kinds of things online. Legacy mode. 2.4 GHZ for 10 minutes. Unplugging and restarting/rebooting everything endlessly. So I broke down and bought a Eero extender for the garage. I thought that would definitely help. Nope. I go on Orbitz assist app and do a wifi check and everything is fine. Will not find device no matter what I've tried. It worked when I had TP Link. But this is better wifi for everything else. I thought since the route is not showing up on Spectrum.net maybe that is it? Please someone have an answer. I am $400 in deep and frustrated!

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    • cMoo92
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    Did you turn on WPA3 in your eero settings? If so, turn it off. I had a B-Hyve sprinkler controller and it worked fine with my eero network.

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