1st Gen to 6th Gen upgrade question...

My home just received 1gig fiber service.

I currently have two 1st generation Eero’s and one Beacon covering about 2000 square foot.

The primary Eero is located in the center of our 2000 SF home.

The second Eero is located two rooms away (two drywall walls) or 16’ straight-line feet away.

The Beacon is located two rooms away or 38’ straight-line feet away.

With the new 1gig service (and it shows 1 gig when tested at the modem) I am currently able to achieve 300mbps +/- if standing feet away from my primary Eero and 50mbps when standing near the Beacon.

I understand the reduced throughput is due to the model/generation of my Eero.

The current load on the WiFi is... 2 adults (average browsing, YouTube, HD Movie Streaming) and 1 teenager (YouTube and Xbox multiplayer) with a Lutron bridge and a Hue bridge connected for controlling all the lighting fixtures in the home.


  1. Is the Eero 6 Pro the best choice for upgrade?

  2. Will a single Eero 6 Pro adequately cover my current space with near 1 gig speed or should I continue to use additional access points?

  3. If it is recommended that I get the three unit Eero 6 Pro package, would I still be able to use the old units to extend my coverage further or will using those units with the new system cause the new system to bottleneck or slow down across the entire mesh due to the inclusion on the older devices?

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  • The original post is about 6 months old. No replies.

    Fios should be connected tomorrow so I am searching as I am going to have a similar set of requirements. 

    2nd gen base plus two beacons. I think it is a 2nd gen base. It is on a hardwire to the present ISP modem. That modem will be switched out. 

    I also have 4th Eero which I am pressure sure is actually a 1st gen base. That unit is at the end to cover one end of the house. I have not looked at the performance at various units now as the exist ISP is being swapped out. We wanted better upload speeds. Right now Eero is reporting over 900mb down and 42mb up. Once Fios is operational I am expecting a 1G in each direction.

    Given some family logistics, there will be Fios TV so I believe I need to look at setting Eero up in bridge mode. Fine is that is required. My bigger question for this thread is do I need to upgrade the Eero devices.

    • Baker  Thanks for the information keep sharing such informative post keep suggesting such post.

  • I set up the Eero network as suggested (bridge). All seems to be fine. The connection from FIOS is more or less at the up and down speeds I would expect. I have not checked the speeds of the individual devices. The biggest reason for switching was cost and the upload speeds when running large uploads. So far, the few uploads which might push the network have gone well.

    I was not happy to hear I was losing functionality in bridge mode. In some ways, I have not noticed. I think I know what I list (malware scanning, etc). While it was nice to have, the core functionality has not changed. All seems to be well. I am thinking I will upgrade 1 device to a Pro 6 so the base station for the Eero net is at maximum speeds. I will need to really research this to understand the benefits vs the 2nd gen device. One driver for this is I want to better extend the network by adding 1 or two devices. If I am going to do that anyway, I can swap the 2nd gen from the center to the edge.

    • Baker Recently it's been discovered you loose even more functionality, such as ACS (automatic channel switching) in Bridge mode.  The devices will use congested airspace and do nothing about it .

      • Baker
      • Baker
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      txgunlover This is bad news as there is nothing I can do about it. Some other folks in the house require FIOS TV rather than learning how to use Hulu and similar.

      If they do not the congestion, then fine. I can use a hard-wired connection from the Eero base station to the main set of machines. That is where I do the bulk of my recording and broadcasts (lights and other devices are all in one place. 

      Thinking out loud, I would either put in a hub feed directly from the FIOS router to the desk with the concentration of equipment or I would run it from the Eero base station which is bridged behind the FIOS router. I need to check the forum for the recommended configuration. If you happened to know, do share. At least the distance between the FIOS entry to the house and the main workstation is under 11 meters as the crow flies. A little up and down for routing a wire on the basement ceiling and I am still within a reasonable distance.

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