I have a 3 pack of Eeros 3rd Gen and I have connected them to to the modem/router of my ISP. I am using a wired backhaul via a Netgear unmanaged switch. Because of my broadband connection I cannot have Eero in front of my modem/router. I would, also, rather have everything run through this ISP front end modem/router.

My question relates to setting up the "Manual" config under DHCP & NAT advanced settings. I would like to set up IP ranges for wired devices (and set static IPs) and IP ranges for for wireless connections. I would like everything on the same Subnet.

My understanding of the "Manual" "DHCP & NAT" settings is that I can change the Eero Subnet from 192.168.4.x to the 192.198.0.x range. This will try and change the Eero gateway to (as it has to end in ".1") and I would need to first change my existing Gateway address to a different IP. Is this Correct?

Obviously I would also have to set the IP ranges on the 2 routers to the specific ranges I would like.

Is this all correct or have I got it all around the wrong way? I'd appreciate some advice.

Thanks in advance.

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  • If you want all devices on the same subnet, and to be able to talk to each other, regardless of if they are connected to your modem/router or the eero, the only way to do that is to run your eero network in Bridge mode.

  • Thanks.

    If I run the Eeros in Bridge mode do the 2 leafs have to be connected to the router via a switch from the Eero gateway (to the main modem/router) to enable wired backhaul or can they all be connected to the ISP's modem/router?

    • I’m about 97.3% sure it would be fine if they are all connected through the modem/router. But there’s only one way to confirm that!

  • Again, thanks for your continued interest.

    I assume you mean do it!

    I did when I first started testing the best way to connect and get the most out of my existing equipment with the Eero mesh. And from memory the initial screen of the (android) Eero app showed ethernet connections.

    Is this an indication that the wired backhaul is working?

    Of course when you actually view each room only the Eero gateway shows an ethernet connection despite all being wired together.

    So how do I know the wired backhaul is working?

    • STW it seems that the issue you’re seeing where some eeros are showing as wirelessly connected instead of hardwired could be a bug. I’ve seen reports of that occurring both in this community and the eero subreddit. So basically, I’m not sure you can “trust” the information being displayed. If you reach out to eero support though, they would be able to actually confirm if the wired backhaul is working or not.

      And 99% certainty didn’t feel right in this situation...so 97.3% was my next best guess :)

  • By the way 97.3%??!

  • Thanks for your assistance and thoughts.

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