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Great to see block lists and scheduled off times, but surprised not to have an option to limit a profile to a certain time per day. Please add!

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    • Tubby_Bartles
    • 1 yr ago
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    Without this, the parental controls aren't that useful. While "playing during downtime" is a bad thing, the biggest issue is enforcing screen time rules - e.g., "Only 1 hour of games & social a day". The other things are kinda minimal, this is the actual lifesaver for parents. The closest analog that gets it right is the Circle hardware device you can add to your network (MeetCircle.com), which I had to stop using because it's incompatible with Eero 6+ (any device limited by Circle was getting major packet loss until I removed it).

    The feature set would be:

    1. Create groups of apps (either individual apps or other groups - "Games" and "Social" for example, and add "Lunar Server" from Minecraft because Games didn't identify it - so that's a group I can call "Limited Sites").

    2. Define the screen time for that group (or we can just use your existing groups - "Games", etc.) - I set my son's at 1 hour 15 minutes a day, maximum. I set "Video" times separately since he sometimes uses it for school and I extend his time if he has an assignment that uses it.

    3. Allow me to easily "Extend" (we give him more on holidays) - setting a new time just for that day (so I don't need to remember to set it back).

      • alece
      • 8 mths ago
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      Tubby Bartles Great summary of the needed feature set. So frustrated that this option still does not exist within a system as robust as Eero!

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