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My eero wifi network was set up by someone else.  The eero network has a name that is different from the name of the network broadcast by my provider.  How can make the eero network part of the provider's wifi network?

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  • Hello john2415 ,

    There is not a wait to make the eeros part of that network. The eero network will need it's own SSID and password for devices to connect through the eero mesh. However, if you need devices to be on the same DHCP as your upstream router you can place your eero network in bridge mode. This will allow your upstream router to assign IP addresses to the devices connected to the eero network and allow those devices to communicate with devices on the upstream network. But even in bridge mode, there is a mesh network that devices will need to connect to in order to access the internet through your eeros even though the IP Address and basic router management at that point will be handled by the upstream router.

  • Thank you James.  I understand better now.  However, I'm not giving up.  Right now I have two wi-fi networks in my home, one from my "upstream" router with its unique network name and one from my eero with its unique and different network name.  What I want is one network (name) to log onto in my home.  How do I achieve that??

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      john2415 You'll slow both networks due to airtime sharing..  you don't want to do what you're trying to do.

    • john2415 

      If you want to implement a mesh wifi network (i.e., several APs, all using the same SSID), you need APs that are designed to work in a mesh.

      I would strongly advise against setting up two APs from different manufacturers with the same SSID and password. Each one of these APs won't have any concept that it is meant to work seamlessly with the other.


      You can set them up with different SSIDs if you like and your wifi clients will be able to switch between the two and have continuous connectivity, but depending on configuration, it may or may not be possible to view all the resources on the two LANs, or local segments.


      If you are trying to do something else, please clarify.

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