I think it is incredible that I get a notification when a new device joins the network, but if we could take this a step further and have the Option to enable Default Block/Pause any device that joins the wifi network which would allow the admin to authorize or deny access.


This would be useful for several reasons; primarily it is easy for anyone to remember or see the wifi pass phrase once added to the network which would allow them to add other devices at their leisure. This would also prevent the admin from needing to change the wifi password for every device connected to the network should they happen into this circumstance. Also, a lot could take place on your network before you see the notification of a new device and block it.


You might think, then only give suspect persons access to the guest network, well there might be reasons they need access to the main network or maybe it’s other household members, or acquaintances of, that are adding unauthorized devices. 


Please consider. 



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