Backhaul Ethernet

I have 3 eero 6s. Successfully set up one as base station, with network set to “bridge” to disable router.

2nd elsewhere in house also successfully set up via WiFi.

Trying to add 3rd one in garden office via cat6 cable. Eero blinks blue but I cannot connect to it from the app on my phone.

any suggestions please?

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  • Hello graemewscott ,

    Thank you for reaching out to us and welcome to The Community! Try taking the eero inside and connect it via ethernet to one of the other eeros directly and add it. Then take it back to your garden office and connect it back up and see if it comes online. It could possibly be something going on with the ethernet cable or possibly the port on the eero. You can also try setting it up wirelessly and see if that works as well.

    Let me know how it goes so we can keep troubleshooting if necessary.

    • James Hey I connected the 3rd one directly to the base station using a very short cat 6 cable. It blinks blue, then goes solid blue but never progresses to naming it on the app. I changed the cable and the port I'm using, but still nothing. Any ideas?

    • Hello graemewscott ,

      Give our support a call at this point. We can try and add the eero on our end and if that doesn't work we can look into replacement options of the eero.


  • Thanks James

  • I also have the same problems.

    • omarji I contacted support and they successfully connected the 3rd one. Very helpful, I'd try them

      • omarji
      • omarji
      • 1 mth ago
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