Feature Request: Ability to Store Port-Forwarding Configurations

On occasion, I remotely SSH into my Macs (port 22) within my Eero network from outside locations. To enable this, it requires the following steps in the Eero iOS application for each individual computer:

1. Open a Firewall port (e.g. 3000).
2. Add a port forwarding reservation (e.g. 3000 to 22).

I do not remote connect often enough to justify the added security risk of keeping these ports open all the time; unfortunately, within the Eero iOS app, it is unnecessarily cumbersome to start from scratch  every time I want to do this. 

Feature request: The ability to save multiple different configuration options within the Eero application that can be easily enabled/disabled with the flip of a single setting. This way, I can store the unique port settings for each individual computer, and then quickly and conveniently enable / disable them when necessary. 

For example, I could save:

Configuration #1:
- Title: SSH to M1 MacBook.
- Open firewall port 3289.
- Port forwarding reservation 3289 to 22. 

Configuration #2:
- Title: SSH to iMac.
- Open firewall port 3567.
- Port forwarding reservation 3567 to 22. 

Configuration #3:
- Title: HTTPS Server on MacMini.
- Open firewall port 2569.
- Port forwarding reservation 2569 to 443.

Then within the iOS Eero application, I could - provided I have an internet connection from my iOS device obviously - enable or disable any of these optional configuration items.

Further enhancements:

1. If you wanted to take the customization a bit further, Eero could allow users to select a time limit for the respective configuration  - this would ensure the open ports are eventually closed in the event the user loses internet access after opening the port. Example: I could be given the option within the iOS Eero application to Enable Configuration #2 for 2 hours - after 2 hours, Eero automatically disables Configuration #2. 

2. These optional configuration settings could be accessible through iOS's Shortcuts app. It would be super cool if I could click a single button (iOS shortcut link) on my iPhone that could enable the desired configuration for a specific amount of time, then open an SSH app on my iPhone (i.e. Prompt), and secure shell right to my Eero established DDNS address. Boom! One click, and I go from all ports closed on the Firewall, to a temporary remote SSH connection. Quick adjustments. Done. Disconnect, and sleep easy at night knowing all the ports are closed again.

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    Interesting idea, I have never though of time-based or saved port forward configs. 

    Couldn’t this easily be solved with a VPN server? I have a WireGuard server setup so I can remotely administer my NAS and Plex. 

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