Push notification when port opened by PPnP and provide a list of ports opened by PPnP

I notice the PPnP implementation on our Eero is a bit more “stealth” than to my liking.

It seems like if any rogue device got onto our network, they could open up ports willy nilly through PPnP. This is compounded by the fact that one does not have a means of approving a new device on the network.

The feature request is multi-fold:

  1. provide a push notification when a port is opened up by PPnP
  2. provide an option for administrators to approve ports to be opened by PPnP
  3. provide a list of currently open ports by PPnP in the Eero app
  4. provide a means to block any port that has been opened by PPnP

I think this would make PPnP a lot more secure than how it is currently implemented.



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