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I have an eero pro with two beacons, and two ATVs, one is 4K, one is the prior model. I am setting up an outdoor movie watching rig, and brought the 1080p ATV outside to attach to the projector. It was working fine inside attached to a TV, but when I brought it out it wouldn't connect to wifi.

I thought it was a problem with the ATV, since trying to forget and reconnect to the wifi caused the settings app to just spin without doing anything. After trying a number of times, I gave up and brought the 4K ATV out, figuring it wouldn't have the same issues. It behaved exactly the same, though. It couldn't connect reliably to the wifi, and trying to forget and reconnect to the network would cause settings to spin without doing anything.

So I brought one of the eero beacons out to the deck and plugged that in, figuring it would have much better signal strength being right next to the ATV. It seemed to make no difference. Again, I had my laptop and phone right there, and they had no issue with the network signal.

So is there something specific about the Apple TV, or is there an issue with the eero network? Anyone ever seen this kind of thing?

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  • Hi there, RiverB .  I'm sorry to hear that you're having some trouble setting up your Apple TV outdoors. It sounds like you're going to have an awesome outdoors movie area, so we definitely want to help get this resolved for you. 

    You mentioned moving a Beacon outdoors and having the same connectivity issues. I'm concerned that the TV isn't connecting to that Beacon, but is instead holding on to a farther away eero. You're able to check which eero the TV is connecting to in the eero app by tapping on the TV. If you notice that the TV is still connected to a farther eero, try toggling the WiFi off and back on through the TV's settings.

    If it seems to be connecting to the closest eero and you're still experiencing this issue, you can certainly reach out to us for some more assistance. You're welcome to give us a call on our support line at 877-659-2347; we're available from 7am - 5pm PT daily. If you prefer to email us, you can send an email over to support@eero.com with the subject "Community followup" and we'll get eyes on the issue as soon as we can.


    Kora, eero Community Team

  • Thanks a ton. I'll give it another test and see where it's connecting. Is it worth restarting the base unit or anything when I set it up? I believe it was connected to the beacon that I took outside, but I'll have to double check that.

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