Eero Blocking Wells Fargo

Does anybody else have a similar issue where the Eero network will eventually block certain trustworthy websites?  We are experiencing this issue with two bank websites, one of which is Well Fargo! We tested many different connections and determined it is the Eero that is blocking a user verification process on the bank’s website. We purchased the eero - AC Dual-Band Mesh Wi-Fi System only two months ago and this problem developed after about a month. We called customer support, who were very helpful in helping us troubleshoot but ultimately couldn’t help with this issue. We thought it might be the aero plus subscription which we terminated an order to test the bank logins without it but it still didn’t help.  It appears from this forum but there’s no way to whitelist a website. Also it could be the third-party verification company that Wells Fargo uses that has been blocked and not Wells Fargo itself but that is only a guess. The other bank that has been blocked is a smaller bank, FNBO, we are guessing probably uses the same technology as Wells Fargo. We are shopping for other mesh networks since there doesn’t seem to be a solution to this problem for the eero and we are just crossing our fingers that the competitor’s software doesn’t also block trustworthy sites. We are really sad to have to abandon the eero system because we’ve had really great connectivity and speed with this mesh network.

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  • Hi there, Lazam . Thanks for reaching out. This definitely sounds like an odd situation, especially if disabling eero Secure's blocking and security features did not resolve the issue. I understand that you've contacted support already, but I'd like to be able to escalate this to be looked into further.

    Whenever you're able to, please email us at support@eero.com with the subject "Community Followup" so we can take a look.

    We look forward to hearing back from you!


    Kora | eero Community Team

  • This just started again after Wells Fargo updated their online banking site on March 26, 2021.  I am unable to connect to Wells Fargo online banking from any computer on my Eero Pro 6 network, either over WiFi or connected directly to the Eero device that does the routing.  I am able to connect to the Wells Fargo site using the same browser (Chrome) on my phone, though.  I have turned off Eero security and turned off DNS caching and restarted the network, but this does not help. I have tried both Firefox and Chrome and I have tried both my desktop and my laptop.  I have cleared my browser cache.  None of these things help.  I have whitelisted the Wells Fargo site in my browser and in my ad blocking and anti-malware software.  I have tried connecting over a VPN.  None of these things help.

  • So. Trying to use reddit tonight on my WiFi network and it completely stopped loading about two hours ago.

    Unknown about what is going on. I’ve rebooted my fiber network, my eero system, phones and tablets

    Disconnecting my phone from WiFi to T-Mobile data, Reddit works.

    Switching from eero to my att router WiFi, that I never use, Reddit works.

    Switching back to eero, Reddit stops.

    I’ve made absolutely zero changes.



  • Did I really buy a mash network (Eero 6) that automatically blocks websites and services – and there is no chance to change this? I can't believe that I can't download, access my streaming service etc. When looking for what the reason for this could be, I came to this site and it seems like this is not changeable by the user? Really? This can't be. A company decides on what sites I can surf and on what I can't and (maybe) calls this a security feature? This must be a joke, right? I mean you should definitely check the date of this blacklist if you really want to block sites without letting the user decide if that's correct... Have you ever try to download Adobe software from their app? I don't think so. It took me a day to figure out that my shiny new networks simply doesn't let the app access the needed IPs. This list goes on and on and on. I like the style and the the easy of use, but I have never had so much trouble with a router before. :(

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