Scheduling turn off wifi radio signal

I would like to have a feature that let me schedule the power off of the wifi radio signal.

For example at night I can schedule to power off the wifi radio signal of all the Access points or just some of them, and then have them power on the next morning.

Many routers form different ISP now include this feature.

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  • Yes, PLEASE! This feature has been around for a long time on many routers that are way less expensive than these. There are a lot of people who would like to turn the radios off at night (or anytime they wish) when they don't really need all the extra meshed units bombarding the entire house all night long when all they're doing is trying to sleep. This should not be hard to implement at all.

    This is not the same as powering the units down, but then again that would be a nice selectable option as well if somebody so chose. It would also be logical with an option like that to schedule an automatic power up at a desired time of day/schedule, should the router be in a power down mode.

    Lastly, it should include leaving ethernet live if the radios are simply turned off, or at least making it also a selectable option.

    • bond007 If the radios are turned off, how can the mesh talk the various units to know to be turned on?

  • The command to turn off/on the radios would be a part of the scheduling programming itself, which I would assume to be tied to the firmware. There would be no need for any wireless communication, per se, as the whole process, once initiated from the app, would be controlled at the hardware level via an internal calendar/clock which would command the routers on schedule. That is how I envision it, anyway, so hope that makes sense.

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  • I too would like to turn off WiFi radio on a schedule. 

  • I want eero to get rid of the turn off wifi option it stresses my family out

    please get rid of this option eero or I will be taking my business elsewhere 

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  • With increasing concerns around the effects of EMF with some people far more sensitive to it than others, this should be a simple and welcomed feature.  Only alternative is to buy smart power outlets you can disable on a schedule.

  • We need this to deal with EMF sensitivity. 

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