Disable 5Ghz WiFi Radio

I'd like the ability to disable the 5 Ghz radio temporarily, from the app.  Some of my smart home devices only work on 2.4 Ghz and sometimes one of them will "get confused" by the 5Ghz network and stop responding on WiFi. With my old router, if I disabled the 5Ghz network and rebooted the smart home device, it would find the 2.4 Ghz network, log on and stay on 2.4.  Then, when I re-enabled 5Ghz, the device would continue to function fine.

I don't see a way to do this currently. I just installed the Eero a couple of weeks ago. One of my smart home devices seems to be having this problem and I'm struggling trying to figure out how to force it to 2.4.

Thank you.

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  • Darn, this didn't turn up in my search before I request the ability to Pause 5g temporarily. After which I actually started paging through all the requests and found this. Anyway, I upvoted this too, and hope that others will upvote mine as well.

  • I would like the ability to disable the 5 GHz radio as well because it’s causing significant problems with Leviton dimmer switches losing their network connection and it’s also causing issues with setting up new switches.   On January 31, 2021 Leviton time confirmed that euro is aware of this issue and that the problem was introduced with a firmware update (v6.0.4 I think) that occurred recently.   The only time my switch is work for the time being is when I disable the 5 GHz radio for the 15 minutes that is allowed under the troubleshooting settings for “I can’t connect my 2.4 GHz device”.   As soon as the 15 minute timer expires and the 5 GHz radio turns back on the problem with my switches comes right back.

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  • I also have issues like you've mentioned Treyballl75!  
    I've got some devices that can only use 2.4 Ghz (Like Sonos) and others that preferential choose 5 Ghz (like my phone) - and in some cases, this causes communications issues (dropping Sonos speakers, for example)...I'd prefer to just drop 5Ghz altogether.

    • Eero forced a software downgrade to 6.0.3 to fix my issue while they work on this known issue.    You need to contact support only they can roll your software back.   I would not try their troubleshooting steps they were a waste of time the software downgrade was the only thing that fix the problems that I had.

  • I had them downgrade me to 6.0.3 and it didn't solve the issue. A few days later I was told 6.2.1 solved the issue which it did not. Spectrum modem 3 Eero Pros & 1 Eero 5...and 20 hopelessly broken Leviton dimmers. I'm now trying to plug a TP Link 2.4 only router into an Eero Pro and run the switches from the TP Link.

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