Manage Randomized MAC Addresses

Many devices (iPhones, Android phones, Windows 10 devices, X-box) have introduced the use of randomized MAC addresses which completely bypasses the groups and restrictions that I have set up for my kids devices, they just need to reboot a device and they walk right past Eero Secure features. Same problem when their friends come over, I have no way of restricting the content that they can access, nor the times at which they can access it.

Please provide a way to manage this and allow parents to regain control of our networks and kids internet access.

One option might be to allow the admin to turn on a feature whereby new devices are blocked until approved to join the network.

Another option might be to have all new devices default to be members of a certain group and the admin can decide the rights of that group and when/if to move new devices to groups with more access.

This is urgent as my eero Secure subscription is pretty much worthless at the moment as it is so easy to step around.

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