Have an eero 6 which is supposed to support up 500 mbps, but I only see about 100 in my devices connecting to eero

I recently upgraded my internet to 1 GB speed.  I also upgraded my eero to eero 6 with WI-FI 6 and two beacons.  I check EERO router which connected using CAT 5 to modem and I get about 900-1000 Mbps.  In my devices connecting wirelessly I see about 100 or less.  Any thoughts.

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    • mgupta2020
    • 2 yrs ago
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    Have you checked the ethernet cable you are using from eero 6 to your Modem or Modem Router Combo if its CAT 5 maximum speeds you'll get is 100 mbps

      • kghelani
      • 2 yrs ago
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      mgupta2020 Actually when I check the speed from router, I. E. Internet speed in Eero app I see it is about 900-1000 mbps, so. My assumption is that I have the right cable.   When I check on my client devices connected wirelessly to eero I see about 100 mbps or less. 

      • txgunlover
      • 2 yrs ago
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      kghelani Distance between the eero you're connected to and the other eeros?  Connection method?  Materials between the eeros, if wirelessly connected (walls, type of walls, pipes, paintings, mirrors, people, stairs, trees, furniture, etc?)

    • eero_support
    • 2 yrs ago
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    Hello kghelani ,

    There could be quite a few causes to this slower speed that you are experiencing. Try some of the tests below and let me know the results.

    Do you know if your eero network is in Double NAT? If so, you will want to bridge the upstream router to make sure it is not affecting the eero negatively.

    Try connecting a device directly to the eero and run a speed test. Is it pulling the correct speeds?

    When doing speed tests over WiFi 6 you want to give it about a minute to wind up. Most speed test servers are still not optimized for WiFi 6 networks. When you are testing a device on WiFi 6 it is best to try downloading a large file for the test and see if it gets higher.

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