Option to Assign Static Devices to Specific Mesh Routers

First let me say that I am very pleased with the three eero Pro 6 routers that I currently utilize.  The setup is simple, the throughput is great, the app is intuitive and the current options are simple to implement.

REQUEST - I believe it would be great if eero would update its app to include an option to assign specific static devices to individual mesh routers so that when the WI-FI network is restarted, they retain their individual assignments. Currently, if there are 2 or more routers all or most of the devices are linked to the first router initialized after the restart, which is normally the gateway router.

As a temporary work-around, I turn off the WI-FI for all my static devices.  Then one by one I turn each device’s WI-FI back on and allow each device to link to the closest router.  This works great for desktop MACs/PCs, printers, TVs, steaming devices, etc.  The only downside is when the routers need to be restarted due to a power outage or whatever, the devices revert back to the first router that is rebooted.

The ability to assign these static devices to specific routers would provide a consistent and dependable network for everyone’s individual environment.  Since assigning devices to specific Profiles is already included as part of the existing app, implementing the ability to permanently assign individual static devices to specific routers from within these Profiles would seem to be a logical choice.  



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