Yet another ethernet backhaul issue

I've read all the posts about network config and ethernet backhaul with the Eero but I'm still seeing odd issues. 

Config fibre modem -> Eero 6 gateway -> TP Link SG105s Gigibit switch -> Eero 6

App indicated 2nd Eero wired data rate 1000 Mbps

This was the first setup and this worked perfectly giving me 300Mbps wifi download on both the gateway and the 2nd Eero. I bought another 2 Eeros (large house with thick walls and a garden ethernet extension), plugged the first of those in so that I now have 2 Eeros connected via the switch backhaul and this is where the problems start.

The original backhaul Eero now shows the connection as wireless, nothing else changed. The newly added Eero shows a wired connection but a wired data rate of 100 Mbps. 

I haven't tried adding the forth yet.

Any ideas where to start? If I plug a laptop directly into the switch I see the expected 300 Mbps.

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  • Hi matt_shields

    Since the older wired eero went wireless when you hardwired another eero to that switch that suggests that either the switch or some of the wiring is having issues.

    I would try taking the switch out the equation first and try the following:

    modem->gateway eero 6->eero 6 original

    and modem ->gateway eero 6->new eero 1

    and modem->gateway eero 6->new eero 2

    Just to make sure all the wiring involved is good and that the eero are showing as wired and providing full speed.

    If that is all good, try adding the switch back in and adding the eero back in one by one, it could just be one port on the switch is having issues.

    • Michael_eero_support great tip thanks, hadn't thought of doing that. I was planning on borrowing another switch to check it wasn't mine. I'll report back on how it goes.

    • matt_shields You are welcome.  One other thing to keep in mind is if you are having trouble figuring out if a cable or eero is bad, swap with one of the other eero you know is good to determine which it is.

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  • It could be an issue with the Ethernet cable going to the garden, or it could also just be an Cat5 Ethernet cable (instead of Cat5e or Cat6) which means it will only connect at 100Mbps speeds. This would cause the gateway eero to connect to the garden eero over Wi-Fi if it sees it can connect faster than over Ethernet.

    • cMoo92 It should still show in the app as a wired eero, even if the wifi connection would be faster.

    • cMoo92 first thing I checked was the cables, all cat5e or above 

  • it looks like I might have a duff cable unfortunately in the wall so not easily replaceable. By doing the suggestion of removing the switch and connecting each of the Eero's directly into the gateway I was able to get back to a 1Gbps connection to the one Eero, the 2nd won't go above 100Mbps. Adding the switch back in and connecting both Eeros again keeps the wired connection for both which is good. 

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