Eero 6, GTA5 & PS5 ISSUE

So I recently switched from virgin hub (virgin media isp) to eero 6 ( youfibre isp).

I can't connect to GTA5 servers on the PS5.

I've followed all of rockstars/playstation advice on what ports to forward etc and still won't connect.

I plugged my old virgin hub back in as its still in contract for a few months and bam connected right away.

So is there a setting im missing in eero 6? As for the life of me I can't get it to work with it. (spent many hours troubleshooting) 

Some details - it worked fine upto last Thursday 26th Jan with eero6/youfibre. I think there was a software update with the eero 6 around that day too so maybe there's a bug or something has changed. I had zero issue's until upto last Thursday?

Note - eero 6/ youfibre works great with other online games and devices

Possibly recent update eeroOS 6.13.4 has broken Upnp similar to what happened with them a few years back with Xbox Upnp ? 

Currently running eeroOS 6.13.4 -  Issue PS5/gta server possibly ports bugs ?

Recently Running eeroOS 6.13.3 - No issue's (no port forwarding manually) Upnp enabled.

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    • Bugster
    • 7 mths ago
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    For now I've found a temporary solution, I hooked up a cat 6 cable from main switch the fibre comes into straight to the PS5 which skips the eero 6 and works for now ...  

    • Rondamorin
    • 7 mths ago
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    It's possible that a recent software update on the eero 6 router has affected its ability to work with the PS5. One possible solution is to try disabling UPnP on the router and then manually forward the required ports for the PS5 and GTA5 servers. Another possible solution is to try downgrading to an earlier version of the eeroOS, if possible, to see if that resolves the issue. If none of these solutions work, you may want to reach out to the manufacturer or your ISP for further assistance. MI Bridges

    • Bugster
    • 6 mths ago
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    Recent software update for eero has fixed it thanks !

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