Loving My Eero's but...

I purchased the three pack Eero dual band extenders. Right out of the box, the ease/success of connection BY FAR exceeded my several dozen FAILED attempts over a one week period at connecting Xfi pods - which couldn't be returned soon enough. Your product is less expensive and with one additional pod.

However, I've seen that as I move around my house, my phone latches onto an Eero connection, and isn't too keen on breaking that connection (if in lackluster performance mode). However, if I turn the phone wifi off and back on, it then establishes at a better eero connection. Additionally, I've seen that rarely is my eero speed anywhere near what my router is (200Mbps or better). However, despite the oftentimes slower speeds (40-50Mbps average) of each eero, my previously bad connection areas are now functional.

Are they functioning as expected, and why the slower speeds? Also, why doesn't it seem to auto-switch to a better speed? TIA!

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  • Hello,

    Thank you for reaching out to us and welcome to the eero Community! The eero network can take a little time to settle in and pick the best way to transfer data over your network. This process can take up to a week to get it all nailed down. One thing you can do to help this out is to make sure your eeros are placed correctly around your home. I have shared a link below that will allow you to verify all the placement of your eeros. 


    After you have verified placement of eeros is correct, lets make sure your eeros are far enough apart from each other. We generally recommend people setup their eeros to be at least 35-45ft apart from any other eero initially and move them closer if needed for connectivity. 

    The devices themselves choose which AP(Access Point) to connect to and some manufacturers have designed their devices to hold onto APs as long as possible. Apple is one that is known to do this. This isn't a problem when not on a mesh network as it allows you to go further away from APs and still maintain a connection. But with mesh networks you'll experience what you described above. There is nothing that we can do on eero's side to change that and the only resolution right now is the toggle WiFi.

    Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns,


    eero Support

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