How to automatically block devices with dynamic MAC / Manual MAC overrides?

My kids keep changing the MAC address manually on their devices, and manage to bypass the block / pause I put on their devices, because eero thinks this is a new device connected to the network. How do I prevent that from happening? This seems like a loophole in the security / parental controls setting. 

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  • Don’t give them admin access on their computers. Then they shouldn’t  be able to change their MAC addresses.

  • that i can't do. they need to install different software for their projects etc., Also, they abuse this mostly for their gaming devices and phones. 

    • Well unfortunately, the way any network thing works is by looking at the MAC address. That’s the only identifier the device provides. So eero can’t help but see it as a new device if your kids are finding workarounds to change the MAC address on their devices. You can enable the push notification in the app to alert you anytime a “new” device joins the network.

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      cMoo92 I certainly hope for the amount that I paid for these devices that you are not in charge of this eero development. “That’s the only identifier.”, that’s not exactly true, but I think most people are looking for a solution. Not a lesson on how the OSI layer works. How about allowing us to block new Mac addresses aka new devices? So our kids can’t just become new devices with the same host name over and over while we sleep. This is a VERY common feature in routers, yet is missing on your platform even though I can see request for it from years ago. Now Win10 has put a menu option to randomize the MAC address and your response is *punt*. 
      I know what I will be looking for this Christmas, Another mesh system. You guys are not looking the right direction anymore. 
      for the price the limitations are extreme. 

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      ajsingh look for something like “Script to Disable "Use Random MAC Addresses" for wifi”. It’s not perfect but it is something. I completely disagree with the way this was answered. Too bad because the hardware of this wireless device is pretty darn good. Software is just lacking pretty bad. If the mesh system allowed ya to block unknown devices or at least to lock unlock this could all be avoided. Anyway hope the script you find is enough for now. 

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    • Echo9 I don’t work for eero. I’m just another customer like you.

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