Niehbor hacker has infltrated my eero help please?

Someone who lives in my apartment complex has gotten into my eero system . And has locked down half of my settings and I cant get him out. I even had grande come and replace the entire system.  But I cant get him out. Now I'm not the most computer savvy person. So this has been a loosening battle even after I had it replaced. What should I do to make my wifi more secure ,and how can I get help going about it. I dont know how to properly set this up I guess . Please . Please help me . I'm pulling my hair out in frustration here. Thanks. 

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  • Can you get in and reset the password?

    • emaxweimy Have done that many times.

  • Ok.  I am assuming you have a gateway and or cable modem then you are plugging the eero into that. Have you reset passwords on both or just the eero?  What do you plug eero into?

  • Also how do you know a neighbor got in?  Do you see devices that are not yours in eero?

  • We're sorry to hear that you've been having some security concerns,   susanlnolan . First, I wanted to provide some insight and assure you that no one is able to make any changes to the settings on your eero network unless they are able to log in to the app, which would require a verification code from your phone or email address.

    With that being said, you can always contact support by giving us a call at (877)659-2347, or sending over an email to support@eero.com – if you put "Community Followup" in the subject line, I'll be able to get eyes on it ASAP. The team would be more than happy to look into this and ease your mind!

    Kora | eero Community Team

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