HomeKit Secure Router for Eero Pro 6E and Eero 6+

I made a ticket for this and was told to also add it as a feature request. After purchasing an Eero Pro 6E for my parents, and searching for how to setup HomeKit Secure Router on it, I saw in your HomeKit article (https://support.eero.com/hc/en-us/articles/360036319531-How-to-use-HomeKit-with-your-eero-Network) that the new Eero Pro 6E and Eero 6+ devices do not support HomeKit and that there are no plans to do so.

I was really disappointed as this was such a wonderful feature for those of us with numerous IoT devices and it offered a way to firewall those off from the rest of the network. As someone who works in IT, that feature meant a lot to me and was one of the reasons I purchased an Eero device (I still currently have a 3-pack of the Eero 6's that do still support it). Is there a reason it won’t be supported in the latest devices? 

I would really love to see HomeKit support on the Pro 6E and 6+. Even it was only a feature for those of us subscribing to Eero Secure (which I have) or Secure+, I would truly pay the extra money monthly to have that feature. 

Alternatively, I’d like to suggest that if that feature will not be returning to Eero, that Eero build its own feature that accomplishes a similar goal of helping to better protect IoT devices.

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  • I will not be purchasing a new Eero if it does not support Secure HomeKit router (even though I am currently experiencing an issue with this on iOS 16) as I want those devices to have their own VLAN. I do not want to use Guest network for this functionality. That is intended for my guests.

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    • steveriggins none of the latest routers by any vendor support Apple’s HomeKit. Except for a 2 year old Linksys router and a 4 year old Alien router. HomeKit is widely expected to be replaced by Matter, which is being worked on by Apple, Google, Microsoft, and other IT vendors. 

    • Richard1864 does matter handle the VLANing of devices as well as the touring protocol between them?

    • steveriggins Oops, I typed “routing protocol” heh

    • steveriggins Yes it should do everything HomeKit does and then some. 


  • I am a network engineer with more than 30 years experience.  I have literally been using wireless since it's inception.  Recently I upgraded one of my Pro6 with a Pro6e so that I could take advantage of the 2.5gb uplink to cable modem.   That was a win.   The loss was discovering 2 days later that I had lost my HomeKit security that I went with eero pro 6 for in the first place.

    Having expertise in multiple home IoT flavors including zwave, zigbee, amazon, wink, HomeKit, and also matter - my home is literally completely automated and adopting thread / matter devices as quickly as I can.

    I would echo the original poster's comments that removing HomeKit security from the 6 pro e is a disappointing if not short-sighted decision.  Matter will not replace all of the functionality of HomeKit as one poster stated - it simply is an agreed upon set up standards for cross-compatibility.  HomeKit was chosen as the framework for Matter - however you can expect google home will work like google home, Alexa will work like Alexa and HomeKit will work as it is (tomorrow) with iOS 16.  

    Eero has stripped a layer of security which was offered when I purchased my 6 pro tri-band set in April, in June they release the Pro 6e - and remove secured by HomeKit .   I think this move is more motivated by parent-company Amazon than technology or strategy.

    Also - it people, don't bother with support.  At least in my case - their expertise isn't, well.. great.  

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      lucid3ye i a totally agree this is more of a business decision like samsung not wanting to support dobyvision and tech support is full of amateurs. now to look for the best routers that support homekit... sigh

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  • Agreed.  

    Not sure why the Eero Pro 6E doesn't support / allow connectivity with Apple's HomeKit when other Eero models do.  While Eero and Apple have overlap in the smart home arena, there are legitimate reasons to go with best of breed and have interoperability between the two product families....after all isn't that what Thread and Matter is supposed to bring?   

    Please consider this as a formal request to the engineering team to reconsider the lack of support for the newer models such as the Eero Pro 6E.


  • I want this feature too 

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