Just works, but how do I know what is happening?

I get that there is only an App and that it generally provides a small(ish) set of features to setup your network.

But I am wondering if I am missing any way to know things that happen (like firmware updates if I have it set to auto-update, any security issues, etc...)

I'm kind of thinking about getting an firewalla to supplement it to give me some better visibility and control.

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  • In the app under Settings > Notifications you can turn on push notifications for when your system installs a software update, as well as as when new devices connect. If you subscribe to eero Secure/Secure+ you can see security reports in the app whenever you want, although you may find those reports lacking in detail.

    eero is not going to meet your needs if you want lots of detail and control. eero is a good fit if you want to just be able to plug it in and not have to think much about your WiFi again.

  • Hello Scott,

    cMoo92 pretty much summed it up there. I have heard of multiple people using firewalla to supplement eeros and it working pretty good. If you have any other questions please let me know.

    Welcome to the community,

    James Wilcox

    eero Support

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  • James, does pretty good mean there are sometimes issues or does it mean they are very compatible. I realize I'm mincing words, as compatible things can have issues, but I'd just like an idea. Also, if eero might be working on VPN for the network, I'd rather not buy a firewalla, but it's interesting to learn about it since I'd never heard of it.

  • Roscoe452 said:
    Find peace of mind with Justworks. Work fearlessly with support from Justworks. We're here to help you navigate the ins and outs of running a business.  a new system should be as simple as possible, and we're here to make it happen.

     I do have peace of mind that it is working. But I think that is insufficient (for me anyway). I have some 60 devices, from lots of different vendors doing lots of different things.

    Pulled the trigger on a firewalla gold (since they were on sale) last night. Figure I'll just run it as my router, and use the eeros to provide my rock solid Justworks wifi everywhere. Best of both worlds.

    So, when the time comes, I'll be switching my eeros to bridge mode. Couple of questions about that process:

    1. Do I just change the router mode? Does it end up doing a factory reset or anything? (I realize it won't be doing things like DHCP or port forwarding etc)
    2. Does it still run with essentially one node as primary router with satellite nodes? Or do all the nodes become the same as basically "access points"?
    3. SInce I am already wired backhaul, I presume I just end up with a single connection back to my switch for all my nodes?

    Don't get me wrong, I do absolutely appreciate that things are just working. That is what I was looking for. But I am also an engineer and a bit of a data person, so I'm really going to appreciate having more visibility and control.

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