Need help with topology

I have a pre wired home with cat6 and 2 eero pro's POE attached at home. I'm trying to get both to work through wired.

Currently, my setup is Spectrum Modem => TP LINK Router => `8 port unmanaged POE gigabit switch => 2 Eero Pro's.

As I understand, the reason why I can't backhaul the both together is because I need to get a 3rd Eero router and replace TP Link Router with EERO router?

Please advise

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    • Dan932
    • 1 yr ago
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    Anyone that's going to see this or have same issue. All was resolved once modem was plugged directly into Eero and then from Eero to Switch.

      • noobnoobc137
      • 9 mths ago
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      The Eero PoE 6 models function as a gateway too.

      Your topology should be Modem -> Eero (Any Model, even PoE 6) -> Switch/PoE -> Eero (Any Model, even PoE 6).

      Of course, if using the new 2023 PoE 6 models you would require a PoE Switch or use the AC adapter/PoE Injector for the Eero AP.

      Using ANY Eero model should not be used with any other router brand IMO. You could set them up into bridge mode (basically dumb Access Points), but you would lose all extra bells and whistles from the Eero product.

    • Sirwin
    • 7 mths ago
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    I am having a similar issue. My setup is metronet 1gb fiber > Pro 6E as gateway > unmanaged switch with 8/1gb PoE ports  > Ethernet wired to each level of my home. Eero poe 6 upstairs shows as wired at 1Gbps, eero poe 6 showing as wireless for some reason.

    The setup is exactly the same for both poe 6 units and are using neighboring ports on the switch. I’m stumped as to why one shows as wired and the other only as wireless? HELP!

    photo showing setup (sorry, a little messy as play around with cables and setup)

    • noobnoobc137
    • 7 mths ago
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    When you are saying "Eero PoE 6 Upstairs..." do you actually mean the newest Eero model Eero Poe 6? (The PoE models do NOT look like your gateway. See attached).

    If so you may have to contact Eero support as it may be a glitch. Is it running the latest firmware?
    Those models can work in wireless or wired mode.

    - Bring the APs over to your network panel and try another known working cat5e/cat6 shorter cable to test.
    - Maybe you have bad termination pins (Did you use a cable tester?)
    - Are you using crappy Copper-Clad-Aluminum bulk cable or Pure Copper Cable?
    - Is your PoE Switch supplying enough power to the APs?
    - You can use another Eero's AC Adapter and plug it into the Eero PoE model to test your ethernet cable to rule out Switch power issues.

      • Sirwin
      • 7 mths ago
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      noobnoob-c137 thanks for the reply. The problem appears to have corrected itself after power cycling all eero’s and then resetting the problem AP. Where is was having the issue showing as “wireless” it is now PoE wired connection showing same data speeds as both eero pro 6E (gateway) and the other eero PoE (upstairs). 

      maybe it’s a firmware issue, but for now it’s all good. 

    • noobnoobc137
    • 7 mths ago
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