Pro Installer Managing Client Networks: Insight Needs to Configure ALL Settings

As a Pro Installer, I've set up three dozen eero networks for my clients. Many of these are clients I've worked with for 30+ years and for one reason or another prefer that I monitor, manage and maintain their networks. A large percentage of the networks I've set up for these clients are *not* transferred to the network owner. I have (had) a list of my clients' eero networks in the eero app on my iPhone and was able to monitor, diagnose and manage their networks from afar. It worked great.

The recent change to the eero app (via my Pro Installer account on my iOS devices) using the "eero Insight" tools is problematic in (at least) two significant ways:

1. I can no longer change the network name, guest network name or passwords on my OWN network.

2. I can no longer change the network name, guest network name or passwords for my clients' networks.

Clearly this use case isn't common and/or wasn't considered when the Insight tool was developed. For myriad reasons, most of the networks I've installed won't/can't be transferred to the owners (some are busy executives, some folks are 85 years old, some just want me to manage their internet connectivity and WiFi for them). If you're going to force the Insight interface on Pro Installers like myself, it needs to be fully functional, including the ability to manage and configure ALL settings, without transferring the network to a different user.

Kirk van Moon
LANsharks Consulting

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