Allow us to manage which devices connect to which hub

I have about 5 eeros in my house and one of them is pretty close to the main one but because it is a separate node I lose almost 100 Mbps of speed even though they are within 2 meter range separated by walls. I wish the app would allow me to select which devices I want to connect to any node I assign them to. 

PS. The reason why I have them really close together is because I need one in my room for wired connectivity and I can’t use the one in the hall because it is separated by a wall and the room node relies on the speed of the main one but my devices connect to the one in my room which creates speed loss and it’s frustrating to see that happen even though they are right next to each other.


Another idea would be to allow the user to turn off the Wi-Fi in any node but still receive signal from the main one for ethernet reliance that way I don’t care if my node is in my room because my Wi-Fi devices will always connect to the fastest node.



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