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In Eero app on all my Apple devices Live Data Usage in Eero app shows zero. I have several devices running and one is on a conference call. Is this app related from yesterday app update? Thanks 

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  • Hello Jackietools ,

    Have you tried closing and restarting your app? If that doesn't resolve it you might need to power-cycle your network. Let me know if you have got this resolved and if those two steps did not resolve the behavior you're experiencing.

    • James when you say power cycle do you mean restart whole eero system? Do I have to unplug the power cord on each one?I have 3 devices. Do you mean power cycle my Verizon router too? Thanks

  • First thing I did was restart app and checked on multiple devices where I have the app installed. They all had same problem. I haven’t power cycled the network yet but it seems to be working ok right now. If it starts again I’ll be sure to power cycle. Thanks

  • Not working again. Going to do a restart later and hopefully it fixes it.

  • Randomly, Live Data Usage sometimes shows 0 up and down, and stays that way, even after restarting the iOS app 

    Still looking for patterns here but it should show constant activity every 5 seconds.

    happening on both my iOS devices and often.

  • I had Verizon reboot router from their end and rebooted Eero and still having same problem on all my iOS devices.

  • Same here. Live data usage always shows 0 for everything even if I am running speed tests constantly. I'm on latest firmware 6.4.0

  • This happens to me quite regularly (often multiple times per day), and is extremely frustrating, particularly when I'm trying to monitor my child's internet usage.

  • hi

  • Just joined to say this is still a problem over 2 years later since getting Eero devices. 

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