Ability to enable a separate, permanent 2.4GHz network for IoT device compatibility.

There are always compatibility issues with smart home devices. The MFG that makes Verizon's Wifi Mesh gear recently implemented the ability to enable a separate SSID, only broadcasting on 2.4GHz for IoT (internet of things) devices. Not sure if it would be possible to dumb down this separate network to provide the highest of compatibility with devices that have trouble connecting to WIFI 6 networks.


While offering legacy mode and temp 5ghz disable mode, I have still had devices that won't connect. I'll put my phone in hotspot mode, broadcast 2.4GHz and these same devices will connect to my phones hotspot without issue.

I would even say to isolate this network from the main network. Very similar to the current ability of the Guest Network.

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    • redpetej
    • 10 mths ago
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    Agreed. I'm running an old router as an extender with just 2.4 for this purpose. Got a couple of devices that can't see eero in legacy or temp disable, so they connect to this old extender. 

    • sandeepsagarp
    • 3 mths ago
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    While at a friend's house recently, I observed a dedicated IoT device network that was included as a default feature on the ISP's router. It is noteworthy that these advanced features are NOT available on eero Pro routers that are much pricier, but lack in features.

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