Adding IP address other than the 10:x, 172:x or 192:x options listed

I bought my Eero 6 back in late October/early November.  Everything’s fine until about two weeks ago when my Bobcat Helium miner stopped all activity after Helium made some changes.   It turns out my miner had not been receiving its Over The Air updates since about the time I installed my Eero.    

To cut a long story short, in order to help me out Bobcat support need port 22 open to my Public IP.   Sounds easy right?  WRONG.    The IP address starts 74:51:x:x.    If I go to reservations and port forwarding and enter the IP address I get an error message saying it is outside the subnet range.   If I go to DHCP & NAT it only has the 10:, 172 and 192: IP options.    

Would appreciate any help to get this resolved as the one person I spoke to at Eero support was no help at all!

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  • The 74.51.x.x is your public IP address assigned to your modem from your ISP. When setting up your port forwarding in eero, you want to enter the local/internal IP address of your miner (which is likely 192.168.4.x). 

  • Thanks for the response the miner was set up and was working until a recent change.  The issue I have is Bobcat need the port to my public IP address the 74:51:x:x address open in order to update my miner as it is not accepting any updates.   I thought I dad it set up for them to work on it with my local/private IP and that’s when they came back to me saying I had to open my public IP.   My ISP will not help me as the Eero mesh is not theirs.  Eero support told me they cannot help.  

    • Taff1001 We cannot help with anything on the public IP, but we can certainly help with the eero side of the equation.

      We have an article about it here: https://support.eero.com/hc/en-us/articles/207908443-How-do-I-configure-port-forwarding-

      But in short you will go to eero app->Settings->Network Settings->Reservation and Port Forwarding.

      You will add an IPv4 reservation, select the device

      Select to open a port, give it a name, put in 22 for the port, select the protocol to use (TCP & UDP or just TCP or just UDP, the should have provided you with that information.


      Where you were going (network settings->DHCP) is incorrect.  That is to adjust the IP address range that the whole eero network uses, and you cannot set it to be the same as your external IP address (which is the IP address your modem will send/receive to/from on the internet).

  • Hi Michael,


    Really appreciate the response.  I wish I was good at this stuff and could figure it out for myself but I have been reading up on Various sites, groups and Discor's and still not getting anywhere.   I am just getting really confused as I have the Bobcat Service desk telling me I need to have my Public IP open for them to be able to help me "As they need to batch download the updates" or something like that, in order to get my miner back up and running.  My Public IP is 74:51:x:x.  My ISP is saying  they cannot touch the Eero router as it's not theirs. You are saying Eero cannot help with anything on the Public IP side.   So any suggestions on where I go from here?    



  • eero, as your router, receives the public IP provided by your ISP and performs a function called Network Address Translation that allows all of your devices to connect to the internet under this one public IP address.

    Since devices on the internet cannot tell which devices are available on your network due to them "existing" under this single public IP address, you use port forwarding in order to allow outside connections to reach the devices/hosts that need to get that specific traffic.


    In this case, like mentioned above, you need to set up port forwarding in the eero app to allow traffic on port 22 that's destined for your public IP address to be forwarded to your Bobcat device. Without port forwarding setup, this traffic will be dropped by the eero's firewall, which is standard behavior for most routers since we don't want to allow unintended outside connections to the devices on your network.

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      Chris I did have port 22 open but I have my miner off-line today as I am getting nowhere, (and hoping just letting it sit after multiple reboots and resets, with no power connected at all it may decide to start downloading some updates), so I turned off the port forwarding as I don't want to leave it open for hackers.    When the port was open Bobcat service desk was saying they couldn't access my public IP.  I would do a check and it would show port 22 open for my private IP.    

      i hate to keep going back and forth like this and I really appreciate the help!





    • Taff1001 Once you setup the port forward on the eero side make sure to reboot the eero to make certain that the port forward goes into affect.  Also, the device upstream of the eero, the modem, does that have a router/firewall built into it?

  • Great tip on the reboot, I will give that a go.  As far as I know it is just a modem in the upstream side, but I will give my ISP a call and ask.  Thanks.

    • Taff1001 Super, if they say it has a firewall the same port(s) need to be opened on the modem's firewall and point to the eero (so the traffic flow will go internet->modem firewall port->eero->eero firewall port->device)

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