Expanding eero's Reach: Bringing Advanced Technology to Costa Rica and Beyond

When will eero Built-in, eero Internet Backup, and eero Plus be available in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica, despite being a small country, consistently invests significantly in cutting-edge technological infrastructure. This is coupled with a highly skilled workforce that increasingly embraces and even creates state-of-the-art technologies. Costa Rica boasts ISPs and Fiber-optic Internet plans of very high caliber, and I truly hope that one day it will be considered among the list of countries currently enjoying all the benefits of these routers. It is both curious and overwhelming to see how devices like these can have certain features limited even in potentially larger countries when the demand for acquiring such technologies is growing exponentially in a more globalized and highly competitive world.

I believe that Amazon and eero should adopt a broader mindset and aim even more strongly to follow the trend of creating devices like these and others of their kind, without imposing such absurd limitations on potentially important customers in various regions of the world who are eager to substantially embrace these technologies. If other manufacturers such as Asus, Netgear, etc., have successfully expanded the features of their devices globally without putting so many difficulties or barriers for those who purchase and trust in their brand, then it means that eero should follow the same path and expedite and unlock the legal or related processes to improve and openly compete with these technologies that many of us are eager to use, but without such restrictive limitations that always leave a bitter taste, despite the many other advantages they may offer.



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