Ring Alarm Pro (with built in eero 6, not Pro) on the same network as eero Pro 6. Is this possible? If so, what is optimal setup?

Short Version: I just want to use a Ring Alarm Pro with an eero 6 Pro, not the built in eero 6 (not Pro)...or limit the eero 6 to just Ring devices. 


I would like to buy a Ring Alarm Pro that has a built in eero 6 (not Pro) but use a separate eero 6 Pro for my non-Ring devices. I just wish I could buy a Ring Alarm Pro with a built in eero 6 Pro but unless that is in the works, I need a work-around.

Why I'd like to do this:

1) I need an alarm and would like to stay in the Ring/eero ecosystem.

2) I'd like to take advantage of the Ring Alarm Pro's local video processing and storage for Ring devices (I have two of the Ring Flood Pros and a Ring Doorbell Pro 2) and may add more cameras later. Having the video local will make it faster and reduce my monthly data usage to the Internet (we have data caps with Cox). I understand there is no cost savings on the Ring subscription, I will still have to pay for the exact same subscription whether I'm storing video local or to the cloud.


Ring says the alarm needs it's built in eero 6 (not Pro) to be the Internet gateway:


The problem is paraphrased well by this Verge article:

"If you already have a capable mesh Wi-Fi setup and a substantial number of smart home devices — this is not the hub for you. That’s mainly because the Ring Alarm Pro has to be the gateway device for your home Wi-Fi, and for some setups (including my own), the included Eero 6 dual-band router is just not powerful enough.

This means I have to forgo local storage of Ring videos, 24/7 whole-home internet backup, and 30-plus hours of continuous power to keep my cameras, security system, heck, even Netflix online when the power goes out. This makes me sad, as I want all these things. If only Ring had put an Eero Pro 6 router in the Ring Alarm Pro (it’s even in the name!), this would have been the perfect device, albeit a significantly more expensive one."

Source: https://www.theverge.com/22798830/ring-alarm-pro-review-smart-home-security-alexa

My setup:

My modem has 2 LAN ports (LAN 1 and LAN 2).


1) Can I connect the Ring Alarm Pro's Eero 6 to LAN1 and the Eero 6 Pro to LAN 2? And making the Eero 6 the gateway and have a "bridge" to the Pro? Not sure if bridge is the right term...

2) Can I connect the eero 6 Pro to the LAN (maybe it would be WAN) port of the Ring Alarm Pro? And making the Eero 6 the gateway and have a "bridge" to the Pro?

What would the drawbacks be to 1) and 2) i.e. loss of performance, inability to use some features, etc. 

Feel free to suggest an alternative topology. And if an eero 6 Pro version of the Alarm Pro is in the works I can wait for that.

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    I have the exact same question.  Any luck with a response?

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    Same question with an eero6+ setup

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