Problem: After 6 months of perfection, Eero stopped connecting to Consolidated Communications Inc (CCI) fiber

I've had Consolidated Communications Inc (CCI) 50mbps fiber for nine months. Had Eero Pro (with two Beacons) for six months. Worked perfectly. Stopped working last night. I have ONT on the side of my house and an ethernet plug in home office. No router/modem inside. Took ethernet cable directly from my wall to my laptop and I have 50mbps connectivity. Pulled the Eero beacons out of the plugs. Unplugged Eero base station and replugged. Hard reset base station. Deleted app and reinstalled. Called Eero and CCI and neither could help.  When I am using the app to set up the Eero base station it goes through this sequence:

Eero Pro detected - OK

Where is your Eero Pro -- OK

Connecting to the Internet - OK

Registering your Eero Pro -- this is where it hangs up, and gives we "We're having trouble connecting to the Internet."

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    • spaceman_spiff
    • 2 yrs ago
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    Seems the 6.2 FW fixed the double NAT issue with CCI!  I'm now able to connect directly to my ONT and grab an IP with no second router.  Cool!


    Would have been even cooler if eero replied here to say it's fixed since their release notes are insanely vague.

      • jas0nmack
      • 2 yrs ago
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      spaceman_spiff Thank you for the update. They're apparently not ready for prime time. Thankfully I got the 3 pack for my parents during a price mistake at Home Depot for $85 which softens the blow of mediocrity. 

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