Problem: After 6 months of perfection, Eero stopped connecting to Consolidated Communications Inc (CCI) fiber

I've had Consolidated Communications Inc (CCI) 50mbps fiber for nine months. Had Eero Pro (with two Beacons) for six months. Worked perfectly. Stopped working last night. I have ONT on the side of my house and an ethernet plug in home office. No router/modem inside. Took ethernet cable directly from my wall to my laptop and I have 50mbps connectivity. Pulled the Eero beacons out of the plugs. Unplugged Eero base station and replugged. Hard reset base station. Deleted app and reinstalled. Called Eero and CCI and neither could help.  When I am using the app to set up the Eero base station it goes through this sequence:

Eero Pro detected - OK

Where is your Eero Pro -- OK

Connecting to the Internet - OK

Registering your Eero Pro -- this is where it hangs up, and gives we "We're having trouble connecting to the Internet."

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  • Having the same issue with the Eero pro 6 and CCII.

  • I just spent nearly 3 hour with consolidated communication and Eero for the same problem and could not find a fix :(

  • Bought it today. Spent 4 hours troubleshooting before finding this thread. Major bummer!

  • Yep, would be cool if Eero acknowledged this as a problem. 

    Pretty frustrating problem to have with a $500 pack of Pros, while having to solve it by dropping a $100 router in between the incoming connection and the gateway Eero. 

  • Disabled WiFi on NetGear CCI router and plugged eero into it. Pathetic fix for such an expensive router

  • Anyone test this out on the new 6.1.0 firmware? The release notes are always super vague so who knows if this was even looked at. 

  • Having the same issue - any new update? Sidney eerror

  • I’ve been having the exact same issues. Since the whole pandemic kicked off and started working from home, became more aware of my existing network limitations with my old netgear nighthawk system. My A/V guy recommended Eero and so come and installed it all as part of other work we were having done around the house. We had a whole conversation about how quick nod easy the setup was etc etc as it was being unboxed, only to have all the issues mentioned above occur. We eventually had to put the netgear nighthawk router back in front of the Eero in order for any of it to work. First time my guy had seen it. Spend hours on the phone since with both Eero and CCI. It was mentioned by Eero that this was a known issue with CCI, that they were working on a fix etc, but there was no ETA on said fix.

    Super disappointing as paying for 1gb through CCI - which we are getting to the house, but then the speed is throttled back going through the Netgear equipment and even worse once it comes through the Eero Pro 6.


    What’s worse is I thought the issue might have been due to the Eero pro we were using limiting potential speeds, so I literally bought a 3 pack of the Eero Pro 6 as soon as they were available for pre-order but when they eventually arrived, no difference at all, but down a further $600 and still relying on my old netgear router to make any of it work...

    Eero, if you’re reading any of this, the support just isn’t good enough. All of the support emails focus on what speeds are coming in and what speeds are possible off the Netgear equipment instead of focusing on the fix required to work directly with CCI and provide me the speeds I’m paying for. I’m so over this now which is infuriating as the Eero system is otherwise a joy to use in terms of UI, ease of adding devices etc... 


    Tenarius I’ve power cycled the ONT, but wasn’t sure on the backup battery aspect. What speeds are you getting with your Eero system?

    Sidney Any further updates on the situation and when we can expect a solution?

  • I have the same issue. Just bought a house and got 1Gb with CCI, I got the 3 pack of Eero Pro 6 but it will not setup. I had to pull out my old Linksys router and plug the fiber connection into it and then plug the eero into the Linksys. This is a crappy solution, Eero when will this be fixed? I’m debating on keeping the eero’s and hopping it gets fixed or just return them and get the Orbi system.

  • Seems the 6.2 FW fixed the double NAT issue with CCI!  I'm now able to connect directly to my ONT and grab an IP with no second router.  Cool!


    Would have been even cooler if eero replied here to say it's fixed since their release notes are insanely vague.

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      spaceman_spiff Thank you for the update. They're apparently not ready for prime time. Thankfully I got the 3 pack for my parents during a price mistake at Home Depot for $85 which softens the blow of mediocrity. 

  • This has been fixed in eero OS 6.2.0. Make sure your units are updated and it should be resolved. 

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