Problem: After 6 months of perfection, Eero stopped connecting to Consolidated Communications Inc (CCI) fiber

I've had Consolidated Communications Inc (CCI) 50mbps fiber for nine months. Had Eero Pro (with two Beacons) for six months. Worked perfectly. Stopped working last night. I have ONT on the side of my house and an ethernet plug in home office. No router/modem inside. Took ethernet cable directly from my wall to my laptop and I have 50mbps connectivity. Pulled the Eero beacons out of the plugs. Unplugged Eero base station and replugged. Hard reset base station. Deleted app and reinstalled. Called Eero and CCI and neither could help.  When I am using the app to set up the Eero base station it goes through this sequence:

Eero Pro detected - OK

Where is your Eero Pro -- OK

Connecting to the Internet - OK

Registering your Eero Pro -- this is where it hangs up, and gives we "We're having trouble connecting to the Internet."

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  • Desperate to get my family back online, I bought a used Orbi from a neighbor, and we are back online with wifi, so clearly a problem on the Eero end.  Hoping Eero can fix this problem.

    • chris5shultz if you have another (old) router, I was able to get things working in a double nat configuration. Although not perfect and a good waste of money - I am online. 

  • Same exact setup and issue here with consolidated. Consolidated told me they have had many calls from eero customers. I did get one eero support person to tell me they were aware of the issue over the phone but I would have to wait for the next update to see if it gets fixed. Support over email has been terrible. 

  • chris5shultz My apologies for the problems you have been having. I have sent you a DM. Please follow the instructions in the DM.

    • Sidney I too have this issue - do you mind providing me the instructions as well?  

  • I have the same exact problem. I was on the phone with Eero support for over an hour the other day. The Eero can connect to the internet if its BEHIND another router (which I purchased to get wifi back online)


    Sidney what is the guidance here?

    • guymeyer I now have an Orbi router, so CCI ethernet port > Orbi > Eero Gateway.  My internet is slower than before.  The Orbi is broadcasting it's own wifi signal which allows my kid to evade all the controls I have set.  Can I out the Orbi into bridge mode somehow?

  • I just got this problem today as well. Luckily I still have the original router that Consolidated provides, so somehow managed to fix it ny the method described above. If Sidney is able to guide as well, it would be highly appreciated.

  • Hey all. 

    when this issue happened originally I ordered a new eero thinking mine had died. Since then I’ve used the double nat approach with success. 

    tonight I’m going to try the new eero that arrived, directly connected to the fiber line. This should give us more clarity on whether this is an eero issue or consolidated issue. I’ll report back!

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      • guymeyer
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      After testing with a BRAND NEW Eero pro, creating a NEW network I can confirm this problem still exists. 

      To add to this topic, I've been on calls with both CCI / Eero and both are laying the issue at the other parties feet.

      Eero told me to ask CCI to provision my Eero MAC Addresses -- CCI said they have NEVER done that and cannot do it for a third party device

      CCI told me to get a new router

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  • Having the same issue here. Double nat is working, but isn’t a great solution


    Sidney any guidance?

  • Same issue here, besides using Double Nat, has anyone got any other solutions. 


    Sidney Sidney any guidance?

    • MacMilitia13 I'll check with my engineering team and reply back to this thread.

    • MacMilitia13  I have not received an update from eero. 

  • I spoke to Eero just over a week ago further trying to resolve this. Long story short, a dude from CCI came out and has seen this issue multiple times between Eero / CCI. He was POSITIVE its on Eeros end and I believe him! He has been able to troubleshoot onsite and is 100% confident the Eeros have somehow stopped attaining an IP address due to firmware issues, not CCI

    After speaking with Eero again, they raised the ticket to the next level and said they will contact CCI. I haven't heard anything back.

  • I’ve had the same Eero CCI issue. I know at least since May 21. I had CCI out after Eero also said it was an issue on the CCI end, but when they arrived everything worked and when i plug Macbook directly in I had great speed. CCI phone tech told me before scheduling tech visit that they doubt it was going to fix the issue because they we seeing this with other Eero owners. After hours on the phone with Eero it was sent to the “escalations team”. I’m also running double nat waiting on an Eero fix. I reached out again June 9 and on June 11 was told still with engineering team. Last I’ve heard from Eero. Seems we may be a “small issue group” with no real concern for resolution.

  • Any update on this? Had the same problems at my parents I was originally told from eero (took 1hr20min to get to a tech that Consolidated switched to PPoE (even though it's still DHCP to my ASUS) and that's why this is happening. It's been double NAT since and would love to get back to the way it was.

  • I have the same problem. Happened weeks ago. Tired of calling eero support. I hate having to connect to a router first  then to the Eero. 
    This morning my brother in law called and told me he had the same problem. 
    Anybody have a fix? Anybody heard from Eero yet? 

  • I have not heard anything from Eero other than it is forwarded to higher support levels. Reached out to Eero support tech assisting me a couple days ago, since it has been over 30 days since my last update, have not heard anything back yet.

  • Does anyone have a recommendation for a great router to use with CCI and Eero? I'm not a fan of renting them. I am starting to think I may need to go buy something else since the older router I have borrowed is very slow speed.

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